An Equestrian Adventure in Transylvania 2018 (8 days, 7 nights, 6 days riding)

equestrian adventure Transylvania

Located in the southeastern corner of the Carpathian basin in Romania, Transylvania, one of the most unspoiled regions in Europe. It might shelter the greatest European populations of wild wolves, brown bears, lynx and roebuck.

Starting around the 12th century (under an ancient agreement with Romania’s Hungarian conquerors) the Saxons built a series of ‘Seven-cities’ or Siebenbürgen, what amounts to fortified ‘islands’ protecting their homes, farms and churches from everyone from the Mongols to the Ottomans.

The Saxons largely fled Romania after the collapse of the Ceausescu regime leaving everything behind them. It is a delicate business, but the villages are gradually being restored and the old houses are being renovated according to the traditional building techniques. Owing largely to the old farming practices, Transylvania also preserves an ancient and man-made biosphere that sustains cultivation and managed wilderness in rare harmony. Horses still plow the fields, pull hay carts and the food is still grown in small traditional farms.

Thanks to the unfenced and uninterrupted miles of pasture and ancient woodland the riding in Romania is superb.

You will be able to experience traditional village life and be introduced to the folklore, culture and hospitality of the region. You will have the opportunity to visit impressive fortified churches guided by the traditional ‘key-keeper’, spend time with artisans, including farriers and charcoal makers and on occasion meet with farmers and shepherds along the way as they go about their daily work.

We spend five days riding out from Villa Abbatis Equestrian Center, located in Apos, an old Saxon village and we spend one night in the village of Veseud. The horses are a mix of well-trained Lippizaner and sport horses. The pace of riding is dictated by the group. There are many opportunities for trotting and cantering in this environment.

Please note: The outfitter retains the right to change the itinerary or sequence of the ride according the weather conditions and any unforeseen circumstance


Riding Ability

Ypu can choose between Experienced or Beginners

For experienced version of the tour we require that all riders participating on the tour are able to walk/trot and canter competently in the saddle. We advise riders to take some lessons before taking this tour.

For Beginners the tempo is on pace rhythm


Riding helmets are mandatory. Suitable footwear and pants to be worn. We do not advise riding in denim jeans unless you are used to doing so, as they may chaff your legs. Riding breeches/jodhpurs with chaps or long boots are recommended. Footwear must be supportive of the ankle and have a heel. Sun block is recommended. Gloves are recommended and provided for free. Rain jacket and rain pants that fit over riding clothes recommended, in case of rain.

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