Popasul Verde

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The house is built out of love for nature and tradition, in a place that embraces fresh air, tranquility and fairytale landscapes.

Popasul Verde is entirely built of all-natural, organic and recycled materials, most of which were procured locally, with very few exceptions imposed by the Romanian law on constructions, such as the concrete used for the foundation. However, the quantity of concrete was significantly reduced by adding stone.
The structural frame of the house is made of wood and the outer walls of straw bales with an approximate width of 50 cm, plus the areas (in particular at the junction of walls) containing cob.

The “green” rooftop consists of a system allowing the growth of vegetation without the need for significant maintenance. This is possible through the use of certain type of plants resistant to extreme climate conditions, in this case being used succulent plants or sedums. Such a rooftop, as the one used in the construction of Popasul Verde in Sângeorz-Băi provides very good thermal insulation besides the fact that it replaces the ground vegetation surface removed by the placement of the house.

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