Pensiunea Colț de Rai

Beliș | Pension & Restaurant

We all have moments when we feel the need to escape the noise and bustle of the city, to find peace of mind in the middle of nature, to have part of that one thing we really miss in our tumultuous everyday life.

Discover Belis village, Fantanele lake, and the surroundings which will take your breath away, as if you have before your eyes paintings hanged from the sky. Here, at Colt de Rai guest house in the Apuseni Mountains, everything combines in perfect harmony : water, warm and cold breeze , the unmistakable smell of trees , sunrises and sunsets , the shimmering sunlight reflected on the huge expanse of water. In other words, a slice of heaven and peace, that’s what you ‘ll find here.

Colt de Rai is the perfect place to relax, offering more than just accommodation services in an intimate and welcoming atmospher . Enjoy the beauty of the mountains, the murmur of springs and delight yourself with Transylvanian traditional dishes and drinks. It is known that Transylvanians are the most hospitable people, so don’t take our word for it and come pay us a visit to convince yourself.

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Strada Principala 31A
Beliș 407075 CJ RO
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