Brunch in the romantic villages of Transylvania

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Meeting point hour and location: 10.00 (only on weekends, May – October), Sala Thalia Parking, Sibiu

Itinerary: Villages in the surroundings of Sibiu/ Brasov

 Find out how nature and the territory influences the local cuisine of Transylvaina
 Try some of the most treasured home made specialities
 Experience some Romanian traditional recipes

Tour Description:
Discover the Gastronomy and rural life of Transylvania. Try some of the best known traditional products, recipes and drinks.
The cuisine of southern Transylvania reflects the multicultural gastronomic and cultural influences of the populations and various trends in society. There are 11 different cultural influences in Transylvania from the people who lived here (Romanians, Saxons, Hungarians, Armenians, Hebrews and Roma), and the surrounding regional or historical powers and authorities (Austrian, Turkish, Russian, French and Greek).
Brunches are organized every Saturday/ Sunday in villages like Bazna, Sibiel, Bradu, Cincsor, Apoldu de Sus, Cobor, Gherdeal and others.

The tour is only available on Saturdays/Sundays from May- October, and reservations need to be made 3 days in advance.

Included services:
 Transport from/to Sibiu
 Entrance fee to the Transylvanian Brunch
 Map of Romania

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