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Sibiu | A fascinating museum

Hey, Traveler! Let`s meet the ASTRA Museum from Sibiu!

“We honor!” That might sound first emotion that you try when you step for the first time ASTRA Museum. You encounter beautiful and civilized people here, who wears holydays Romanian-robes. They take care of this story instead of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of people know him and bears his name all across the world. ASTRA Museum in Sibiu is in the heart of Transylvania, where in recent years there is pure Romanian culture sets the tone.

We are talking about a museum where one can find dynamic and interactive events, all dealt with in a constructive way. Such a special program has turned this into a Museum ,, must have “for young audiences, keeping, however, oasis of peace and tranquility so sought after by some older people.

Here’s why!

Theoretically and practically, here they are unearthed old tradition of grandparents’ yard. For example, any visitor can come to the museum and learn how to cultivate onion hundreds of years ago, and cook on a hearth! Thus, visitors will partake of the culinary heritage recovery program organized here by Romanian ASTRA Museum.

By preferences, here you can specialize in weaving, pottery and painted, for craftsmen to teach you is enough. Also here today students and teachers can learn how lessons were over a hundred years ago (written on slates with chalk, manual counts, wooden benches, etc.). Tablets, smartphones and I-PADS are not part of the picture, but U can find wireless internet throughout the entirea Open Air Museum!

What more is there to say?!? Well for example in outdoor museum that can occur in any period of stay of no missing (just) anything! Here we have two locations – a traditional tavern and an inn Transylvanian – where you can serve traditional dishes prepared (vorba`ceea) ,, worse than the at home mom. ” If you take sleep in the museum are two hostels and a Romanian inn where you can spend the night. And as a traveler to take the most of the unique tranquility, but also the landscape of the museum are organized on request sleigh or carriage rides, depending on the season.

Over 150 professional employees ASTRA Museum are working closely to carry out all these projects the main role is played originality, peace, beauty, values, traditions and history.

Come here to live the ASTRA Open Air Museum phenomenon! You`ll be trully happy!

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