Adventure Romania

Custom private tours off the beaten path in Romania

What we do?
We create unique tours off the beaten path in Romania: Transylvania, Moldova & Bucovina, Danube Delta and the whole country.
We will take you to the most famous places in Romania by the least travelled trails. According to the principle “life experiences and the journey, not the destination matters”, we will fill every kilometre of a trip with new discoveries and impressions.

What you get?
• 100% bespoke private tour. Only you and your travel mates. You can travel solo or in a group up to 12 guests.
• Only places you confirmed. (Fed up with all these Dracula stories? No problem, you will not hear a word about him.)
• True “all included” itinerary. Really. You can leave you wallet at home. And all your worries about organising also.
• Best accommodations and restaurants in the area. We’ve checked them all personally.
• Unique experiences to tell stories about.
• A present day adventure into the beauty of the past.
• And some more: flexible schedule, professionally prepared 4×4 cars, best selection of local food, the best guide in the country, top level of safety and reliability. Guidance language: English.

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